• Agathopes: organized, cosmopolitan shaded beach, with water sports facilities.
  • Azolimnos: organized, shaded sand beach on the eastern coast with tavernas and bars.
  • Ampela: sand and pebble beach on southern coast.
  • Armeos or Ayia Pakou: secluded off the left cove at Galissas beneath Ayia Pakou hill, is preferred by naturists.
  • Ahladi: organized, shaded beach on southern coast.
  • Galissas: largest beach with most extensive facilities, shaded, offers water sports.
  • Delfini: idyllic beach on western coast, sand and pebble, with tavernas and bars.
  • Ermoupolis: there are pebble beaches at Ayios Nikolaos off the Vaporia quarter and at Taliro, Vangelidi, and Kymata.
  • Kini: picturesque sand beach noted for its sunsets, with tavernas and bars.
  • Kokkina: small sheltered sand and pebble beach on southwestern coast near Foinikas.
  • Komito: small sheltered and shaded sand and pebble beach.
  • Lotos: small sheltered bay with shaded sand beach next to the Lotos village, about 1 km south of Kini.
  • Megas Yialos: large, organized sand and pebble beach comprised of small shaded coves.
  • Megali Aggali: remote beach on Gaidouri (or Fanari) islet, site of ancient Didymi; the islet lies off Ermoupolis and is accessible by boat.
  • Dellagrazia: small, cosmopolitan organized sand and pebble beach.
  • Santorinioi: small remote sand and pebble beach on the island's southern coast.
  • Fabrika: small, peaceful beach of sand and pebble on the island's southern coast.
  • Foinikas: well-organized sand and pebble beach on the southwestern coast with tavernas, bars, and marina.
  • Fokiotrypes: remote rocky beach accessible by footpath (15 mins) from Azolimnos.
  • Northwest Syros: Beaches are only accessible by boat or guided hike fromApano Meria to Varvaroussa, Aetos, Leia, Grammata, Megas Lakos,Marmari, and Avlaki.




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