Local Catholic & Orthodox Feasts


24 Reenactment of the custom of Kleidonas and burning of the May wreath - Former Elementary School of Faneromeni at Chroussa.
30 Iera Kardia Christou at Galissas (Catholic).



12 Ayios Benedictos at Sa Mihali, Apano Meria (Catholic).
18 Ayia Marina at Kini (Catholic).
18 Panayia Orous Karmilou at Galissas (Catholic).
20 Profitis Ilias at Piskopeio (Orthodox).
26 Ayia Anna at Alithini (Orthodox).
26 Ayia Paraskevi at Alithini (Orthodox).
27 Ayiou Pandeleimona at Papouri, Apano Meria (Catholic).



2 Panayia Angelon at Skordia (Catholic).
2 Panyia Hariton at Agrelas, Kini (Catholic).
7 Metamorphosis Sotira at Agros (Catholic).
7 Ayiou Kyriakou (Tsirikou) at Danakos (Catholic).
9 Ayios Yoryios at Kampos, Apano Meria (Catholic).
10 Ayios Ioannis and Ayios Lavrentios at Syrigga, Apano Meria (Catholic).
9-10 August Moons is two days of rebetika music performed by local musicians at tavernas and on the streets of Ano Syros.
11 Anamnisi tou Thavmatos Ayiou Spyridona at Chroussa (Orthodox).
14 Reenactment of the custom of the Fotarides is an evening of live island folk music on Kini beach.
15 Metastasi tis Theotokou at Galissas, Kini, Pagos, Piskopeio, Halandriani (Catholic).
17 Ayios Mamas at Galissas (Orthodox).
20 Kardiani at Mytakas, Apano Meria (Catholic).
23 Ayiou Ioanni Evangelisti at Plati Vouni, Apano Meria (Catholic).
29 Ayiou Ioanni Vaptisti at Alithini (Orthodox).



6 Ayios Ioannis Fysontas at Amygdalo, Apano Meria (Catholic).
6 Genesis Theotokou (Panayia Kerion) at Parakopi (Catholic).
8 Genesis Theotokou at Chroussa, Pagos (Catholic).
8 Genesis Theotokou (Panayia Lotiani) at Liotos (Catholic).
8 Kiouras at Skali, Ano Syros (Catholic).
11 Genesis Theotokou (Panayia Vouliani) at Voulias, Kini (Catholic).
14 Timiou Stavrou at Parakopi, Alithini, Talanta (Catholic).
24 Panayia Faneromenis at Chroussa (Catholic).



1 Ayion Kosma & Damianou (Ayii Anaryiri) at Pano Meria (Catholic).
2 Ayia Thiresia at Kyperoussa, Apano Meria (Catholic).
4 Sa Mihali at Apano Meria (Catholic).
8 Ayia Thiresia at Danakos (Catholic).



Cultural Activities organized by the Municipality of Ermoupolis

Ermoupoleia: Program of cultural activities (July-September) organized by Ermoupolis, including concerts, theater performance, and visual arts exhibits.
Vikeleia: Sports competition in memory of Dimitrios Vikelas, president of the first modern Olympics.


Cultural Activities organized by the Municipality of Ano Syros

Karnavali: Carnival festivities organized in Ano Syros feature the recreation of olds traditions, costume balls, and music.
Koulouma: Flying the kat, with traditional dances, local tastes and orchestras.





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